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Hey, we are working over here! And, yes.. here are some small stepping stones

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Row Version Dates Notes
9 1.9 7.26.2022 A few more updates, removed github source code, carried over to the site. Now calling those variables via php and TB2 code... nixed Git, Gist, Github, no need to publish content elsewhere, if you need sources code, crack open the developer tools included in your browser. Same with the extra email, we have all communications going back to the parent. Soon we will peel this off and add subdomains for PHP, Python and R where applicable. Welcome aboard. Link takes the user over to
8 1.8 5.30.2022 It's been awhile, we had a few changes, but email updates across the board... Link takes the user over to
7 1.7 7.24.2021 We are close, need to add a few more elements to the references section, a few templates and perhaps add some addition coding examples or further refine those on the classes area of the Reference page.
6 1.6 7.12.2021 Added 3 of 4 content pages, next we will include the references page. Again, shortly to follow this update.
5 1.5 6.27.2021 Always in clean mode, adding new content to the Typography and Colors page. Clean up navigation accrossed site. Shift utilities over to Navigation and Experience page (coming soon).
4 1.4 6.25.2021 Clean up continues, added second content page; Typography and Color (UI components). Also, starting to clean up contact page, ad in the footer and generic text for the updates page (we are using Lorem Ipsum for now). Also, versioning updates.
3 1.3 6.21.2021 Clean up continues, added first containers content page with examples and code to copy/paste into your own projects.
2 1.2 6.6.2021 Cleaning up the site, adding content... need content to survive!
1 1.1 5.1.2021 Welcome to Borg2Borg
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